Digital / Animation

Digital / Logos, Animations / Brand Identity / The B Networks

Challenge: To design the future. Strategy: To brand pop culture through a network of television stations. To combine brand accessibility with a developed graphic language. Too often what is labeled "vogue" is also inaccessible. These brands are designed to bring back a 1990's-like "cool" mentality, where the more people with access to what is "cool," the cooler it is. These goals inform a type-based visual vocabulary that projects pop styles and motifs into the future.

BE: Beginner's Entertainment

Designed to provide television that is focused on puzzles and problem-solving for children. Objective: To provide children with substantial and educational programming that will create an environment pre-disposed to higher learning. To make the design and the brand accessible, while also using a sophisticated and developed curation and visual language.

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BVS: Broadcast Video Station

Designed as a young, energetic, music/entertainment focused television station for young adults. Objective: To level what is popular to watch and what is important to watch. To make what is popular what is objectively good (a balance between "new," "interesting," "does what it is supposed to do," and "smart"). To have an informed method of curation. To make the design and the brand accessible, while using a sophisticated and developed visual language. To incorporate advanced verbal language within everyday programming.

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ENB: Entertainment + News Broadcast

A television experience designed for adults, with sophisticated programming supported by a more contemporary styled newscast. Objective: To make well-written and well-made television more accessible. To provide consistent, high-quality news programming. To showcase good writing and provide a watchable stream of information. To make the design and brand accessible, while also using a sophisticated and developed visual language.

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Digital / Animation / Music Video / Eitch's "I Leave It Up to You"

Challenge: To create a music video that supports the vision and message of the song and the artist. Strategy: To make a stop-motion that blends the movement of motion graphics with the narrative of the traditional music video. To create a sequence of movements and scenes which blur the line between the cosmic and the microscopic (and then the digital and the organic).

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Print, Digital / Poster, Animation / Movie Identity / "The Cove"

Challenge: To design a film identity based on a series of visual metaphors. Strategy: To use the metaphor as a means of euphemism, with the objective being to both tease and distance the viewer from the violent and disturbing content of the film (in other words: to make the viewer interested in watching the documentary). To use a quietly graphic and disturbing, image-based visual language. To attract any consumer with an interest in animal rights or information.

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