Digital / Mock-ups / Signage System Proposal / The Boston University College of Fine Arts

Challenge: To design an interior signage system for Boston University's College of Fine Arts. Strategy: To create a system that is inspired by, and focuses on, information. To design without excess. To create a visual language that is rational. To propose a graphic and alpha-numeric system that clearly marks and distinguishes interior spaces, and directs users through these spaces.

Standard room sign. 1 x 1 ft.

Specialty room sign. 4 x 1 ft.

(left) Interior secondary-stairwell sign. 4 x 1 ft. (right) Exterior secondary-stairwell sign. 1 x 1 ft.

(left) Interior primary-stairwell sign. 7.75 x 1 ft. (right) Exterior primary-stairwell sign. 1 x 1 ft.

Elevator lobby sign. 14.5 x 1 ft.

Entrance directory sign. (top) 4 x 1 ft. (bottom) 2 x 3 ft.

Single directional sign. 1 x 1 ft.

Double directional sign. 2 x 1 ft.

Electrical warning sign. 1 x 1 ft.