Print / Typography

Print / Booklet / Typography Exercise / Type Booklet

Challenge: To design a type-handbook using ten different typefaces. Strategy: To present each typeface distinctly and separately. To showcase each typeface in a variety of different formats (i.e. display type, body copy) and at a variety of different point sizes. To use a hierarchy of scale and color to create a consistent structure throughout the piece. To have no set composition, and instead compose each spread specifically for each typeface.

Booklet. 5.5 x 8.5 in.

Print / Poster Set / Typography Exercise / Nomenclature Poster

Challenge: To design a poster that defines and displays the anatomy and vocabulary of letterforms. Strategy: To focus on a perceived connection between human guts and the guts of a letterform. To play with the word "Anatomy." Red and blue lines are employed to mimic the traditional depiction of human veins and arteries.

Poster. 11 x 17 in.

Print / Poster Set / Typography Exercise / Gaudí's Eclecticism

Challenge: To produce two posters with the same content, but opposing design strategies: connotative design versus denotative design. Strategy: (Denotative) to employ the grid to set up a rational and clearly defined system of information. (Connotative) to utilize the eclectic/collage/mosaic aspect of Gaudí's architectural mark-making as a typographic strategy, and as a means to make a two-dimensional poster feel the way his buildings feel.

Posters. 20 x 30 in.

Print / Booklet / Typography Exercise / Electra

Challenge: To design a type specimen booklet for a typeface. Strategy: To focus on the function of Electra as a book-face, and a typeface intended to set poetry. To use Electra's position as neither a contemporary typeface, nor a classic typeface to create a booklet that is both classic and contemporary. To produce compositions that speak to the look and graphic aesthetic of poetry.

Booklet. 5 x 10 in.